Prepare to be Pursued Presents... "Master Your Path to Being Pursued & 180 Your Love Life In Just 8 Weeks!"  

This 8-Week Program Will Teach You How To...

Weeks 1 & 2

Shaping Effective Beliefs 

Refine Your Future

 How to gain a clear vision of your romantic future in order to achieve your relationship goals faster.

Weeks 3 & 4

Rediscover Your Allure

Standards & Boundaries (S&Bs) 

Build a plan to show up on dates with confidence on where you stand, what you want and how to get it.

Weeks 5 & 6

Attracting Bees with Honey

Romantic Negotiation 

Understand how to get approached On-Demand, how to communicate your boundaries and standards and still keep him wanting more.

Weeks 7 & 8

Emotional Authority 

Commitment Mastery

Understand ways to progress from dating to a marriage-centered committment.


Who This Training Is Perfect For!

The Clock is Ticking! Every Year You Look Up And Discover You Wasted Even MORE Time! Pursuing The WRONG People, Saying All The WRONG Things, Or Maybe Not Taking Any Action At All!

BE HONEST! When you think about your future, do you see yourself in a committed relationship or marriage? If the answer is YES, then why not prepare for it?

 Path to Pursued Program Is Perfect For You If...  

  • You are sucessful in finance/business/career but haven't been able to achieve the same success in your romantic life
  • You know that you are a good catch with a lot to offer and you don't want to settle
  • You are avoiding the dating process out of fear of experiencing the same ole negative results  
  • You are pushing yourself to date like crazy because that's what you think you should be doing  
  • You are tired of going through intense emotional energy year after year all while ending up with the same results as before  
  • You are currently wondering whether or not you're on the right track  

If ANY of this Rings A Bell Then The Path to Pursued is tailor-made just for you!  

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Fall and winter months are approaching and can be very difficult for singles. 

During this time of year, I see way too many women get too comortable with the idea of spending another year missing out on countless opportunities for connection and ending another year with no prospects and no proven plan on how to be pursued by quality men. And let's face it... that sucks!  

That is why I am offering the Path to Pursued 8-Week Program to empower you to:

  •  Face Dating with confidence that you're on track to manifest the love you desire
  •  Be proactive about your future by making love in your life a priority
  •  Have an actve, purposeful dating life by the holdiay season
  •  Quickly develop the confidence to put yourself out there
  •  Build the clarity neccessary to make sound romantic decisions
  •  Download the tools needed to craft your romantic future by the end 2019!!  

Lives are going to be changed! Don't miss out on this opportunity. There are only a few seats available in this intimate group. 

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I was my first client so trust me when I say, after years of being single, I know ALL the emotions you are going through very well! Once I made the decision to date with strategy and romantic life has never been the same! 

Let me show you how to achieve improved experiences through the Path to Pursued 8-Week Program...

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  •  You would wish you took this course years ago!

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